I am excited to announce the beginnings of a more interactive MSU NAMA through the use of our Word Press blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account.  As a current member and alumni, you can become more involved in the activities and market plan developments throughout each school year by keeping informed through these venues.
With the fall comes many new things…  Most notably, a new football season in Davis Wade stadium or fresh take on another school year.  For the MSU NAMA chapter, we have experienced a transition of a new chapter advisor and officers from last year.  The transition has been an opportunity to capitalize on our strengths but also work on our weaknesses.  As I look to the rest of this semester and coming year, I am looking to see our chapter become more involved around campus and in volunteer activities while preparing a marketing plan that will take us deep in the rounds of the competition.  By accomplishing these goals this year, we will set the precedent for our chapter as a leading NAMA chapter in the Mid-South and the nation.  Lastly, we should continue to follow the Bulldog Creed this year as a NAMA chapter, which states, “I will give relentless effort.”
Christian Good

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